Dear Members,
It is being brought to your information that to bridge the gap between Oba Executive body and each member , We have decided to have Batch wise Representative . Hence we have finalised some batch wise Representaives who shall be our mode of communication with all the Members.
1)1st Batch- Ravi Sharma -48
2)2nd batch- Col Vineet Singh
3)3rd Batch- Surinder Jamwal-140
4)4th BatchSandeep Dadwal
5)5th Batch- Kishan Chand
6)6th Batch- Sanjeev Sharma
7)7th Batch- Sanjay Modgil
8)8th Batch- Joginder Paul
9)9th BatchVivekk Shama
10)10th Batch- Arun Parwana
11)11th Batch- Vikesh Kaushal
12)12th Batch- Shishir Vaid-801
13)13th Batch- Amit Sharma 815 ,Rajesh Bhaha
14)14th Batch- Akshay Minhas
15)15th Batch- Anshul Malhotra
16)16th Batch-
17)17th Batch- Sunil rana -1156
18)18th Batch- Jitender Sanjta Ajay Thakur
19)19th Batch- Saurabh
20)20th Batch- Vishal Kaushik 1448
21)21st batch- Navdeep Chandel
22)22nd Batch-
23)23rd batch-
24)24th Batch- Roll No 1860
25) 25th Batch- Pankaj Dhatwalia 1951
26) 26th Batch-
27)27th Batch- Deepak rana
28) 28th Batch- Prashant Singh Thakur 2411
29)29th Batch- Aman Negi