(REGISTERED  vide 1845/H Dated 24-06-2003)


The name of the Society is  Old  Boys  Association Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra (hereinafter referred to as OBA)
The registered office of the society will be  at Sujanpur  for the present. The association 
may, by resolution, shift it to any other place in Himachal or wherever convenient for best functioning of OBA.
The main objects of the society are: 
1.To keep the Ex Sujanians closely knit and  in constant touch with each other and build camaraderie by bringing out directory, newsletters,CD ROMs to maintaining websites, holding meetings, cultural programmes, dinners, get togethers etc. 
2. To keep the family spirit of the school community going strong even after passing out.
3. To help the Old students who are in distress. (Those in distress will be decided by the executive committee and OBA).
4. To work mutually in furthering the aims and objectives of Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra ,(hereinafter referred to as SSST and OBA).
5. To encourage the Old Boys to take an active and abiding interest in the work and success of the SSST in keeping with the ideals of the School.
6. To promote friendly relations between the Old Boys, the present boys and the Staff (including Non­Teaching staff) of the school.
7. To endeavour to live up to the motto of the SSST, i.e. ‘Pursuit of  Excllence”.
8. To establish a bond of union among Old Boys and between them and SSST, to foster a spirit of comradeship, to promote co­operation and to extend mutual help to the Old Boys of the school. 
9. To organize and facilitate activities in areas of cultural, social, economic and educational fields, to keep alive the spirit of devotion to the pursuit of excellence in all the above areas and more particularly towards education and human resource development.
10. To help, encourage and assist the spread of education and to render assistance,make endowments, award scholarships/bursaries to deserving students of SSST and for this purpose to take all steps as may be necessary.
11. To help in finding the avenues of employment or occupation and in acquiring facilities for technical, vocational and professional training to students associated with SSST in India and abroad.
12. To create, associate or co­operate with any other societies or Associations having  the similar objectives.
13. To extend the ideals of the SSST towards promoting national integration through the destruction of barriers of caste, creed, colour, race and regionalism by extending the same through the medium of the members of the Association on a larger national scale.










To carry out in the aforesaid objects, the Association is empowered to do or to perform the following acts: 
1. To hold and manage all funds and gifts of land, property or endorsements for the realization of the objects of the Society.
2. To accept as gift/donations any movable or immovable property.
3. To invest the funds and money of the Society on such terms and conditions as may be deemed expedient, and to operate upon the accounts of the Society with any bank. The funds of the Society shall be invested and deposited as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
4. To realize and collect interest, rent, dividend, bonus or profit on such securities or on other property of the Society, whether movable or immovable.
5. May appoint committee for carrying out any specific functions and manage funds related to the same for a specific period of time. 
6. To do all such other acts or things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the objects mentioned herein above. 
7. The office bearers and members of the executive committee shall hold office for two years and shall be eligible for re­election.
8. The Association shall draw up rules and regulations for the conduct of its



(Rules and Regulations)
1.The society  is registered in the name “ Old Boys Association Sainik School Sujanpur Tihra”.
Hereinafter called the OBA.
2. Membership:
a).All former students of the School, shall be eligible for membership right from the day they leave the school .
(Such membership shall be free of subscription for a period of Eight calendar years including the year of joining ),
Whilst members of staff shall be eligible for Associate Membership, all subject to the approval of the committee.
b).Those persons associated with SSST,  as detailed below on payment of annual/life subscription as decided by the executive committee from time to time shall have right to Life Membership of the OBA.
i).Boys and Girls who have studied in The SSST .
3. Associate Membership
Will be given to following: 
a) All Ex- Teachers associated with SSST  for more than 1 year.
b) All Ex­Principals,Headmasters and Registrars.
II. The General Body shall have power to elect as associates any ex­faculty of the school, who in the opinion of the General Body is likely to promote the interests of the Society, but serving faculty  may not be so elected. Associate members have no voting powers and may not hold office nor may they represent the Association in any way. Associate Members will not be required to pay the subscription or any other charges.
4. Cancellation of membership
To exclude or remove any  member from the Association, a majority of the Committee must vote for his exclusion or removal, provided that any person so excluded or removed may appeal to the Members of the Society at the next Annual  General Meeting when the question of his exclusion or removal shall be determined by a majority of those present and voting openly.
a.To provide and maintain the School’s tradition forming a link between past and present members of the School.
b.To support the School by providing advice on careers and other relevant matters.
c.To provide a forum through which Old Boys can keep in touch by information on the Association website and via Newsletters.
d.To arrange reunions and any other activities that members wish to support.
e.To keep members informed of what is currently happening at the School.

6. General Body
All members of OBA mentioned in rules 2 and 3 form the General Body of the OBA.
7. Meeting of the General Body
a)  The General Body shall meet at least once a year on SCHOOL ANNUAL DAY in SSST. 
b) The following business shall be transacted at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
i) Confirmation of the minutes of the last AGM
ii) To adopt the annual report of the President 
iii) To approve the audited accounts
iv) To pass financial estimates for the coming year
v) To approve any proposal duly approved by the Executive Committee
vi) To conduct any other business with permission of the Chair
c)  Any member desirous of proposing any alteration in or addition to the rules of the OBA shall give notice of such proposal or resolution to the General Secretary no later than a date one calendar month before the AGM. No addition, alteration,resolution or any nomination shall be accepted unless carried by at least two­thirds of the members present and voting at the ensuing AGM or any adjournment of the same.
d) The quorum for the AGM will be 50 members at least.
e) Special General Body Meeting:
The General Secretary must upon being requested by at least 10 members of the OBA call a special General Meeting of which at least 20 days’ notice stating the object of the meeting shall be given.
The venue and date of such requisitioned meeting will be decided by the Executive Committee and 20 members will form the quorum.
8. Office Bearer of the Association (OBA). 
The officers of the Association shall consist of President(1), Vice­President(1), General Secretary (1)
Finance Secretary(1) & Press Secretary(1). Their term will be of Two years.
They can be given only one term extension with the approval of General House either on consensus basis or through voting by the members present in the AGM.
9. Executive Committee
The management of the affairs of OBA implementation of its objectives and disbursement of its funds and properties shall vest in the Executive Committee. The Executive  Committee will consist of  President, Vice­President, General Secretary, Finance Sec, Press secy , Five (5) nominated members ,Two(2) members from sujanians working with Defence Services and  one(1) member from overseas/overseas representative.
The President, Vice President, General Secretary , Pres Secy.and Treasurer will be elected by secret 
preference ballot by the members present in the AGM.  The new office bearers will formally take over at the AGM every alternate year.
The Executive Committee in addition may nominate additional members to be decided by 
two­third majority at the Annual General Body Meeting in advisory capacity only.
The term of the Executive Committee will be two year and may be extended by the General Body.
10. Power and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
a)  To manage funds under its control for attaining the objectives of OBA.
b) To constitute sub­committees for special purposes.
c)  To accept on behalf of OBA donations, grants, bequests and transfer of properties from public societies, individuals or institutions.
d) To invest any money belonging to the Society with such banks as it may think fit 
from time to time, and to authorize and President, Vice President and General 
Secretary/Finance Secy. jointly to operate such accounts under the joint signature of any two of them. 
e)  To maintain proper accounts through the Finance secy. and have the same audited by a Chartered Accountant duly approved by General Body.
Financial Year shall be 1 April to 31 March.
f) To determine all questions of general policy.
g)To make recommendations for framing further rules and regulations for proper 
management and get them approved by the General Body.
h) To exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be necessary for
achieving the objectives of OBA as set out in the Memorandum of Association.
i) To delegate its powers wholly or partially in matters of appointments or dismissal 
of the staff, legal proceedings and such other matters of daily routine to any of its
members of committees constituted for the control of the Society or to any sub­committees.
j) To make recommendations for framing further rules and regulations for the 
proper management of the Society and to recommend changes therein for the 
approval of the General Body.
The Executive Committee may delegate specific responsibilities to individuals as may be 
found necessary from time to time.
11. Officer Bearers
a) President
i) To preside over all meetings and to exercise general control and supervision 
over all the officers of the association.
ii) In case of a tie he shall have the casting vote. 
iii) In the absence of President, Vice­President shall preside, in absence of both an 
executive member may be selected by general consensus.
iv) If the President OBA under any circumstances resigns, the Vice-President will be promoted as working President and election for the new President will be held within six months from the date he resigns.
b) Vice President
i) Will assist the President and in the absence of the latter he will act on his behalf.
c)  General Secretary
i) Will keep records and conduct correspondence on behalf of the Society. 
ii) Will maintain records of all proceedings of the General Body and Executive Committee.
iii) Will call the meetings whenever necessary for functioning of the OBA in consultation and direction of President.
iv) Will execute and implement all decisions and resolutions of the Executive 
Committee and General Body, subject to overall control and direction of the 
Executive committee.
v) Will represent the Society in legal and other matters provided no other person 
is delegated by the Executive Committee for a specific reason. He can also 
appoint a member of the same.
a) Finance Secretary
i) Will be responsible for maintenance of Accounts of the OBA.
ii) Will get the accounts audited every year through qualified Chartered 
iii) Will present the accounts at the AGM for being passed by the General Body.
iv) Will release funds as per directives of the Executive Committee only.
V) Press Secretary
i) Will be responsible for all press releases of OBA meetings etc/to handle net/electronic media.
12. Ceasing to be a member of the Executive Committee
b) Member resigns or
c)  Ceases to be a member of the Society or
d) Removed by the General Body or
e)  Absents from three consecutive meetings of the Committee without seeking leave 
of absence or
f) Is declared insane, insolvent or bankrupt or
g) Convicted for crime in a Court of Law.
13. Meetings of the Executive Committee
a)  It shall meet at least two times in a year.
b) The General Secretary shall ordinarily, circulate amongst the members a notice of
the Executive Committee meeting at least 25 days before the date fixed for the 
meeting, together with the agenda for the meeting. 
c)  In case of Emergency a shorter notice may be given with consent of the President.
d) If requisitioned by at least half the members in writing, the President may direct a 
meeting for a specific purpose. 
e)  Any resolution, circulated to all members will be considered as valid and 
effectual, if assented to in writing by at least two­thirds members, as if it was
passed at a regular meeting of the Committee.
f) There may be provision for Executive Members to participate online via the 
Internet if the place where they reside is far away from the venue and provided it 
is practically feasible.
14. Quorum for the Meeting
a)  Quorum for the Executive Meeting will be at least half the members of the total 
strength of the Committee at that time. 
b) The quorum for an AGM or General Body Meeting will be 50 members entitled 
to vote. For Special Body Meeting, it will be 20 members. 
c)  Meeting will be adjourned and a new date wiil be fixed if quorum is not complete.
15. Minute Book
All the proceedings of the meetings shall be recorded in a Minute Book, specially mentioning: 
a)  The names of the members present.
b) All decisions.
c)  All resolutions and proceedings.
d) All special appointments of any sub­committee or individuals for any specified  purpose.
e)  Minutes of every meeting shall be signed by the President and General Secretary.

16. Voting Rights
Only those members who have paid their life/annual membership fee and cleared all dues will be 
allowed to vote or hold office.  Other members may attend the meetings to familiarize themselves with the proceedings but will not participate in any decision making process.
17. Funds and Finances
a)  All income of the OBA from any source shall be applied solely towards the  promotion of the objects of the OBA and no other purpose.
b) All deeds involving finances of the OBA shall be jointly signed by any two out of President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer of the Society.
c)  The books of Accounts and other records shall be kept at the registered office of OBA or at any other place as the Executive Committee may decide from time to 
time and shall be open for inspection to Committee’s members. 
d) The treasurer shall be responsible for maintenance of Accounts of the OBA.
e)  The accounts shall be annually audited and presented before the General Body,
and Executive Committee as and when necessary.
18. Amendments to the Rules
The General Body may after considering the view of the Executive Committee, amend or
alter these rules and regulations by a majority of not less than two­thirds members present 
and voting.
19. Miscellaneous
a)  Once a year, on or before the fourteenth day succeeding the day on which according the these Rules and Regulations the AGM of OBA is held, a list of names, occupations and addresses of the members of the Executive Committee shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies.
b) The OBA shall comply with the provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of .......(may be 1960).
c)  Life and annual membership fees for members will be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.  A special fee may be fixed for foreign members. All subscriptions will be annually reviewed. 
d) Interaction of OBA with school will be strictly through the President and General Secretary of OBA with the Principal or School Authorities or through a person appointed specifically for the purpose by the school. Similarly, the school authorities will interact with OBA President and General Secretary or a person/s specifically appointed by OBA. No other member may interact with school authorities on behalf of OBA or regarding OBA matters. 
e).Any member of the Executive Committee who is absent without written leave for three (3) consecutive meetings shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Executive Committee and shall not be eligible for renominations for a period of two (2) years from cessation.
f).The Executive body shall have or attempt to have at least one meeting with School admin of SSST once a year.
g). The out going president will be the Chief Patron and all Ex-Presidents will be special invited guests of OBA.
h.) The member subscription fee decided  is as:-
Annual subscription       = ` 500/-
          Life subscription         = ` 10000/-(say for 20 years)

20. Interaction with Outside.
Any interaction with any outside agency (including SSST authorities) or individual or communication on behalf of OBA will be done only by the President or General Secretary or a member appointed by them for the purpose.


President                                                                                              General Secretary
Sujanians Achievement
Like gallantry awards winner
Nos Of defence
Outstanding sujanians in their Fields…